What are you reading?

I believe that one of the ways that we grow is by what we read. I will share periodically what I am currently reading and also books that helped me to grow as a Bride, as a Woman and Leader. I would love to hear also what you are reading. Please feel free to share in the forum area, I would love to hear.

UB books of the month:

faithwins 2.jpg

Hey Winner, Unfinished Bride had the opportunity to collaborate with some phenomenal women on this interactive journal and workbook with a winning woman named Aleya Prier. This journal is available now at www.todaywewinjournal.com

do it afraid book.jpg

Do It Afraid

when to walk away.jpg

When to Walk


code book.jpg


No More

goodmother book.jpg


married for 5.jpg

Married for 5 Minutes

dr. darby.jpg

My Leadership Journey