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Things I Wish I Knew Prior to Marriage #Money Edition

Things that were not discussed in Counseling.

Money! Money! Money! - Moooney!

Just like communication, money is also one of those topics that can make or break a relationship. Money is not a topic that is often discussed in relationships but it needs to be defined and taken seriously prior to joining your finances and creating a life with someone.


Things I Wish I Knew Prior to Marriage

  • Views on money. Do they have a healthy view about money? What were they taught about money?

  • Who will be responsible for handling the money? Who is better with budgeting and saving?

  • Will you join accounts?

  • Do they like to work?

  • If they lost their job, are they willing to work at a place that is unfavorable to make ends meet until they find better?

  • If applicable, what do they feel about you being a housewife? Don't assume, I've heard of relationships going sour due to the spouse not wanting to work and it was not discussed prior.

  • Are they a workaholic? Do they mind you being one? This needs to be made clear and discussed to make sure no one is being neglected and quality time will be sacrificed. Is this wise, will this work for your home?

  • Will there be an issue if the wife makes more money?

  • Spending habits. Who is the shopper and who is frugal? Will it become an issue?

  • Saving money. Do they save money or live paycheck to paycheck?

  • Tithes/Offering. If applicable, will this be a problem? What are the views on giving to the church?

  • Credit. How is your credit? How much debt do you all have? Are you working on eliminating debt?

  • Family members. Who do you support with your funds?

  • Loaning money. How do you feel about loaning money? Do they owe money to an individual? Borrowing money from others?

  • Child Support. How will this affect your finances? What are the expectations?

  • Life Insurance. Do you have any? Agreeing on additional insurance other than the employer? Insurance for kids outside of marriage? Beneficiary?

  • Do they gamble?

  • Career plans. Will it affect your funds? Can you afford to continue your education? Can you afford to go part-time to continue education? Can you afford to start a business?

Please share your comments.

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