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The Best and Worst of Times

Bishop Jakes has a message where he talks about having the worst of times and the best of times all at the same time. When you are in this season, there is often a struggle to both celebrate and grieve over what's happening in your life. A major "brain confusion"...

However, while you are celebrating what God is doing in your life, here comes the thoughts that are grievous and when you are grieving, you want to celebrate your victories but then guilt comes in or you feel like "why celebrate when you things are not going well in every area of my life." You then feel like a hypocrite or imposter. I told you a big 'ol brain confusion...

That's when I reached for the Word of God to make sense of it all and receive some relevance as a stabilizer for this emotional turmoil. God took me to the hottest story of the Bible, one that confuses the whole brain if you do not believe. The story of Mary and Jesus. How befitting during this season.

Mary's worst of times in the midst of the best of times:

  • She was told she would birth the Savior of the world through immaculate conception.

  • Her husband Joseph threatened to divorce her due this and the angel had to speak to him to not ruin the plan of God for them both.

  • She was in labor to give a miraculous birth and there was no room in the Inn for her to do so. She had to give birth in the most uncouth way to have a baby. In a manger, which is a trough for horses and cattle to eat from.

  • After having him, they had to disappear to another town because there was a threat out by Herod the King to kill her baby.

Mary's situation sounds like a true dilemma, although we tend to focus on the worse of her times, the best was what she was birthing in the midst of it all. Christ was the greatest gift she could ever receive! Mary knew that and did not waver not one time because she knew the promise and the responsibility of the promise that God had favored her. When we are "birthing" something miraculous and life-changing not just for us but for all the world, it is important for us to realize that while the worse is happening, the best will supersede it all.

Aborting the mission is not an option! Don't allow the stress of the moment to cause you to miscarry. Stay healthy to keep your "womb" strong to endure to the end. Times will get tough and satan will be on attack to destroy everything God is doing in your life, but he is a liar and you have the VICTORY! He that has begun a good work in you shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ!

Be encouraged this holiday season, knowing that what you are carrying someone else needs and depending on you to see it all the way through just as Mary did. God Bless You!

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