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Inspired by Self-Made book

"You have to know who you are before others can see you completely"-Nely Galan

I was talking with one of my good friends who is an incredible Artist that pierces the soul and heart of a person, she's a force! In our conversation, I asked her a few business questions related to some intricate positions that should be a part of her team. Her response was no, she hadn't thought about it. I said to her, "all artist need one and you are an artist." And in the most humble tone, she says, "Yes, that is what they tell me." Two thoughts came to mind after she said that: 1. What do you say you are? and 2. She does not have the right people on her team that will promote and influence her artistry.

The very next day, I was speaking with another good friend and she is an awesome orator with a classical style that matches her classy image and presentation. But whenever someone acknowledges her spiritual calling, the inner little girl in her shy away from receiving what she knows God has said. I, too, found myself not embracing the spiritual call and assignment over my life. About a few years ago, God rebuked the "shying away" and

"dumbing down" of my spiritual responsibility and equating it to humility because I didn't want to appear arrogant if I embraced it. It was a false humility because it derived from incorrect teaching and interpretation. It was also birthed from insecurities and fear of rejection, or not being good enough or falling short. As long as others were acknowledging it and I wasn't, it was acceptable because I didn't want people to think I was "self-made."

In the Lord's rebuke, He began to say, you are not a novice. I chose you when you were in your mother's womb. I formed the inner workings of who you would be. And as you aged, I was developing you to become what I created you to be. All of your mistakes, your good and bad times, your growing pains, and your uncomfortable moments were all a part of the making. It's easy for us to answer to our secular calls or positions, like at work, if you get asked, "Are you the Administrative Assistant for Dr. Peabody?," your immediate response would be "yes I am" without hesitation or reservation. Or we claim proudly that "I am the CEO of a company", or" I'm a Nurse or Doctor" because you received your doctorate degree that validates the claim. But why is it that we have reservations answering our spiritual elevation?

Are we waiting for validation from someone? Are we looking for this special sign to solidify what we've been told? Are we waiting for our "role" to be defined? Are we waiting for a huge platform to say I have finally made it?

The scripture says whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. How you continue to see yourself, defines who you are, will become and how others will see you. We are the first to define ourselves based on our God-given purpose in the Earth.

Jesus asked his disciples "Who do people say I am?" the response was people referred to Him as other men and prophets. He asked them, "Who do you say I am?", the answer he received was, "You are The Christ, Son of the Living God." Jesus didn't ask that question, so that His disciples could validate who He was, but instead, He wanted to make sure those that were in His circle knew who He was. He then validated their answer by saying flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but God.

Lesson learned: 1. Know who you are by what God says; 2. Don't shy away or dumb down who you are; 3. Not accepting what you already know is false humility; 4. Surround yourself with people that know who you are by God's revealing

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