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Hello Ruby - Prov. 31 Woman (series)

Prov. 31 Woman has been spoken about throughout years and to some, this woman seems to-good-to-be-true, unattainable or a separate person. For many years, I thought this was an actual woman in the Bible as like women such as Eve and Esther or Hannah, however, she wasn't given a name but the Bible only speaks of her character and characteristics. The Proverbs 31 Woman is not separate from us, she is US! So instead of dismissing her as far-fetched, let's embrace her as someone to model. Just like women who we may admire or inspire us in character, work ethics, as a mother or wife. It could be your actual mother, aunt, supervisor, Oprah or Beyonce or women like Maxine Waters, Phylicia Rashad, Barbara Walters, Meryl Streep or Cicely Tyson. Whomever it is, the Prov. 31 woman is just as aspiring and legendary.

"Who can find a Virtuous Woman" Prov. 31:10a

Virtuous - having or showing high moral standards; to be chaste - abstaining from extra marital affairs, not having any sexual nature; simple or restrained.

That definition alone has cancelled me out in a lot of ways, because I haven't always held those standards. However, let's look at what God says about us, which is most important. The question, Who can find a virtuous woman? is a loaded question that subtly points us to answer in a certain direction and at the same time is rhetorical because the writer answered for us:

"...for her price is far above rubies."

Value of Rubies - Top color rubies are so rare, no trade data is available currently for this type of ruby - in past the value for a top-color ruby 25.59 carat was sold for over $1M USD per carat. (Ruby Value, Price, and Jewelry, n.d.)

Sis! that's per carat ($25.59M Big Ones)!!! Even a diamond takes a backseat to a ruby as it is rare and more expensive. We often salivate over a big diamond because it's a common jewel, it sparkles and draws attention. Personally, I love how it looks on my hand, but a ruby is not often seen or publicized because it doesn't have the shine and sparkling quality of a diamond. However, a ruby gives off a light when it is cut and it is said that a rough ruby is the most expensive because it holds more weight. (get a message)

The Burmese ruby was auctioned for $30.4M USD in 2015 (, That was known as a world record for the highest ruby being sold. The ruby is the highly esteemed gemstones believed to provide protection and good fortune. With all of the "WOW" factors of the ruby gemstone, God says that a Virtuous woman's worth is FAR ABOVE...

WOMAN! you are one valuable rare piece! Priceless because you can't be sold to the highest bidder. I've often heard young women say, "I will never meet up to this woman" or "she's not a real woman" or "she sounds too perfect." But then I think of women who reflects this woman in Prov. 31. I don't believe that God presented us this woman in the Bible to shame all women in history and cast doubt on those to come. Instead, He gave us a model of characteristics and behaviors that can render us the best results in life, marriage, relationships, in career and the community.

When I read this chapter, I don't envision a perfect woman but a woman that submitted herself to being a person of moral standards, humility, kindness, hard work and of good character. The only way these things are perfected is through a life in Christ and the experiences of trial & error, tested faith, opposition and turmoil.

The Virtuous Woman is not an unattainable feat but she is YOU and me, she's your mother, grandmother, and aunt. She's your sister, your girlfriend, the church mother, the business woman and any woman you hold to high-esteem.


Let's Examine:

Are you a woman with moral standards?

  • A woman that knows right from wrong and uphold what is right.

  • A compassionate woman that understands suffering and will help those in need.

  • An honest woman that has integrity in all areas of your life.

  • A woman of gratitude that shows an appreciation to others.

  • A polite woman that knows how to speak to others and have tact and manners.

  • A woman who cooperates by being a team player and helps her family and friends.

  • A trustworthy woman who does not participate in shady activity and who is true to her word and do what's right no matter the difficulty.

Name 3 Women that you consider a virtuous woman. What are the qualities you like about them?

Do you know your value?

  • I would encourage you that the next time you think of the Virtuous Woman that you don't envision a person to compare yourself to but instead a ruby and see yourself HIGHER THAN THAT!

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