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Hallmark or Lifetime Movie?




Every female from the beginning of time has always dreamed of a love story. There were movies and books called fairy tales that spoke of an unlikely pairing ending up with this perfect love that will last “happily ever after”. These stories were embedded into our minds so, that when we first got our Barbie and Ken dolls, we created this love scenario for these plastic beings. It was a form of escapism that caused us to one day wish it was going to happen in our lives when we got older. Even today, especially during Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the Hallmark and Lifetime network gives us never-ending love stories that makes us dreamy eyed and fills us with a moment of euphoria that we wish could be our life’s story.

The reality is that life is full of trouble and people are flawed and a 2-hour movie will never depict the realness of what life really offers. The truth is marriage is not a fairy tale, it is a life of two people with different ideas, opinions, thoughts and feelings that may not always agree. Every day will not be a good day and unlike the movies, all disagreements are not resolved with just a kiss. Being in theater, I can be a dreamer, a person that can formulate an idea of what I desire my life to be like. But I’m also a realist and understand that a made-up story is just that. It gives an illusion of what life can look like, but it takes away the process of what it will be, trying to get to that “love story” we all dreamed of one day. A true love story never comes without the process of breaking down the ideals of what the mind has created about what a love story should look like.

The greatest love story from a man to his bride that I can reflect on is that of Jesus Christ to us. His unconditional love was not shown without great sacrifice and pain and ultimately death. He showed his love by fighting the flesh against the temptation of sin while on Earth, He healed us and taught us the things that would bring us eternal peace and left us with comfort and tools to survive a dark world. He cleaned us up and loved us despite our flaws and sins to show us we were more than what we were subjected to. God loves us with an everlasting love and it is not a moment of love but a love story that will lasts forever.

This lets me know that the only way to experience a true love story we must love like Christ. Moments of love are temporary and leaves us with false hopes that maybe it will happen again but when it doesn’t, it leaves us disappointed. I’m not going to lie; I was one to dream of a love story. I wanted to have such a love story that will leave my heart empty if my spouse was no longer with me. I wanted to have a love story that I can brag about and others would wish they had also. I wanted a love story that is so full of life and laughter, where the two of us are fulfilled at the end of the day. One where he whisks me in his arms and dances with me all night long. One where when he looks at me, as if he is seeing me for the first time and falling in love all over again. A love where it bothers him to disagree with me and the thought of losing me breaks his heart. You know, the romantic type of love that makes you feel like you are “floating on cloud 9”. I wanted to have a love story and not love moments, but the truth is, there is no story full of love without the pain of the process. Reality is the movies are moments of love, but a real-life marriage is the epic love story in the making with moments of love that you can appreciate along the way.

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